Fairport Harbor Marine Museum and Lighthouse
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The Fairport Harbor
Marine Museum and Lighthouse

"The light that shone for 100 years"
1825 - 1925


Fairport Harbor Lighthouse and Museum

TOURS and other  Special Group Requests

TOURS  Welcome year-round. Normal seasonal admission rates apply. A minimum charge of $35 is required to open the museum and tower. Appointments should be made a minimum of 2-3 weeks in advance. Tours can be customized to group needs with advance notice. ($35.00 + $5.00 per person)

PARANORMAL VISITS:   Non-profit groups or established paranormal societies may request access to
the facility and grounds  A $350 donation is customary for the evening and a $100 deposit is required
once date and time are finalized.  The society will provide two members on the night of your visit.
Total visitor occupancy for the evening shall be ten.

WEDDING REQUESTS:  The museum grounds are available for wedding pictures and formal ceremonies. Some access to the tower is permitted upon all necessary safety concerns being satisfied.

A donation to the historical society is customary.  Call a minimum of 2-3 months in advance of your need.
The detailed wedding request form is available online.


**The lighthouse and museum officers and trustees welcome the chance to join in partnering opportunities with Book Clubs, Civic Clubs, School organizations, Scouts, Local Charities, Military Service Groups, Church groups, Business groups and community parent groups that foster our missions.
Please contact us with your suggestion.


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