Fairport Harbor Historical Society

Wedding Request


  *  Wedding Date: ______________               *  Arrival Time:  _____________

  *  Request Received By: ________              *  Departure Time: ___________

  *  Date Received: _______________              * Contact Name: _____________

  *  Name:  _______________________            *   Home Phone:  _____________

  *  Address:  ______________________           *  Cell Phone:  _______________

  Estimated Attendance:  ___________          *  Work Phone:  _____________


Wedding Party Guidelines:  Every effort will be made to honor your request and make the moment memorable. Please provide as much advance notice as possible. Check your desired date against village events that may swell attendance or present parking concerns for your guests.

ˇ         Only outdoor wedding ceremonies are permissible at the lighthouse. A Lake Metro Parks pavilion is located near the lighthouse and can be reserved in case of inclement weather.

ˇ         Depending on the date/time requested, the museum may be open to the public at the time of the ceremony.

ˇ         Volunteers run the lighthouse and can not be expected to tend to last minute needs when the site is open to the public.

ˇ         Climbing the lighthouse tower steps (69) can be dangerous if improper footwear is worn and is not recommended for wedding party members as a safety precaution.

ˇ         The Fairport Harbor Lighthouse and Museum are a designated historic site by the State of Ohio. As such, proper conduct and decorum must be maintained throughout the event.

ˇ         A brick paver program was established some years back and may make a lasting gift to the wedding couple for years to come. A form is online should you need information.


Society Preservation Fees:

   * Lighthouse Wedding pictures only                                      $25.00

   * Wedding Ceremony and pictures on the grounds                $75.00

   *  Chairs only set-up on the grounds**                                  $25.00

   *  Chairs and tent on the grounds**                                       $50.00


**Chairs and /or tent are the responsibility of the wedding party. A designated area will be reserved for the event. A pre-event meeting with a society member to discuss the wedding site is required.


Society fees are tax deductible and will be used to preserve the lighthouse and dwelling for future generations.