Eerie Presence Found In Lighthouse
Some Say Cat Haunted Building
Critics used to dismiss the ghost stories that came from the Fairport Harbor lighthouse. That is until this winter.

Workers installing air conditioning vents discovered the mummified remains of a gray cat in a crawl space.

Museum curator Pamela Brent swears she used to see the wispy gray spirit of a cat and volunteers also spoke of an eerie presence.

Historians have learned that a wife of one lighthouse tender kept several cats.

The cat's remains are now kept in a cardboard box. They have become a favorite of schoolchildren touring the museum.


Brent says that it is not the only lighthouse that provides a haven for spirits. She says lighthouses are magnets for ghosts.

The original Fairport Harbor lighthouse was completed in 1825. The tower stood 30 feet high, capped with an octagonal-shaped iron lantern. The lighthouse was accompanied by a two-story keeper's house.

Due to deterioration, the tower and keeper's house had to be replaced. Rebuilt in 1871, the tower now stands 60 feet high and has a spiral staircase of 69 steps which leads to an observation platform.


In 1925 the light in the tower was discontinued. It was replaced by a combination light and foghorn station that was built on the west breakwater pierhead.